Pegatanke PVC

Pegatanke PVC

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PEGATANKE PVC-CPVC ULTRA is a glue designed to join PVC pipes (cold water) and CPVC (hot water) quickly and easily offers longer life time for large and strong jobs, as well as joining dry or fully submerged parts in water


• Union of PVC pipes

• Union of CPVC pipes

• Union of drainage or PVC pipes

• Union of PVC ventilation pipes

• Union of PVCE1 PVC condouit pipes

• This product can be used in any type of home and industry.

PRESENTATION: Package of (4 Fl.Oz.) 118 ml


It can be used in low and high pressure

Does not require chemical cleaner to be applied in PVC and CPVC pipes

It can be applied with water flow (it is not necessary to cut the water passage), the water does not drag the glue

Dries underwater

Resists up to 80 ° c

It has a built-in applicator

The glue can be used inside tanks with wate